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Zanan Disruption

Zanan Disruption artwork series utilizes a different approach to drawing out the tensions that exist between the promises of twenty-first century democracy and the current political climate. This series of images are created using screen captures of Google Street view in various public settings in Iran and United States. I have turned my 3D models into statues and photoshopped them into the different public sites, I then uploaded the images to google map as photos for the specific location which can be viewed publicly online. Statues are commonly used to portray subjects who are thought to be of particular importance to a specific location, depicting figures who tower over a place’s cultural heritage. Through this work I reflect on the statue as a social device by turning my 3D models of Hijabi women into an object which is seen to signal cultural significance By ‘photobombing’ these public sites I’m opening up a dialogue between the parallel issues of women's rights from two different parts of the world with the use of the digital platform of google maps.  

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