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Sequence 001: Drone Porn

This piece illustrates the tension between sexual desire and technology. The purpose is to expose the tensions between the use of technology to achieve the raw sensory experience of sex (whether it be through porn, or hookup apps such as tinder), and the ability to technologically mediate life that technology purports to offer us. Sequence 001: Drone Porn is a short film that deals with the extreme conclusion of the fetishization of technology. The piece was completely shot by an iphone and a drone camera allowing the viewer to step foot into a moment within a young man’s home. The film shows the relationship that a young man develops with his drone that leads to an unusual ending. I have included some historical facts about G.P.S. all throughout the film because I wanted to bring attention to the fact that the original use for these device were for the military. Most people use products which rely on these technologies within their everyday lives without thinking about the original purpose of their creation, and ultimately form dependent relationships with them.

*Email artist to access full video*

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